My 2 cents on being "PC"

Please don’t misinterpret my desires to be “PC” on language and action as weakness. 

I am choosing a side. I choose to respect people’s wishes as fully and completely as I can. I may make a mistake or be behind the times but I always defer to initial politeness. 

I operate and make decisions based on my very ingrained upbringing. I was taught to be kind to everyone. No one ever said, “Except…..” This is how I was taught by “good Christian folk” to act in life. What’s funny is, if I follow that advice, I’m “weak, a pussy, & naive”. If I don’t, I am most assuredly an asshole.

Question: What does that make you when you point out my desire to be PC is dumb?

How many people do you meet and are just straight up a dick to because you can? If someone looked at you and said, “What’s your pronoun?”, you’re seriously going to laugh in their face or tell them to fuck off? Really?

I know there’s the line of thinking that since I’m not a sweet demure married southern mother, I should be an aggressive, take what the fuck I want, asshole-y, feminist. 

I’m both. I am a feminist but I don’t just charge through life like a bulldozer. I have the ability to create and destroy and finesse everything in between. 

I don’t get why everything is discussed black and white. We all know life is gray from beginning to end. Why do we insist on writing like we are fucking OG Thugs in the streets?

Yes, “PC” is hard and it takes work but you know and I know it’s just people reaching out for kindness and you basically spit in their face.

Yes, some of it is ridiculous but there is A LOT ridiculous with how we do stuff now and you won’t change that because it’s what you know. We have the ability to be kind and we don’t.

It says more, without words, about those that don’t automatically try to be kind.

I am sick and fucking tired of people telling me I’m stupid when all I’m doing is trying to CARE about my fellow man. What’s wrong with that? What is wrong with trying to do the kind thing?

I am intolerant of intolerant bullshit. I’ve had it.