Visiting Family

Gomez stood in the gentle lulling surf up to his ankles. His gray suit pants were rolled up to his calves; shoes and socks forgotten behind him. Every time the surf rolled away, his toes sunk a little deeper into the sand. The thrilling thought of a night of fighting the ocean for survival crossed his mind, but he shook his head slightly and pushed it away. This was no time for fantasies of adventure because tonight, he was here to help his lovely bride off to visit her sister.

The sun sat thick and heavy in the sky, sinking fast. Clouds were rolling in from the west with a promise of a tumultuous evening ahead. At least he’d have thunder to ease his loneliness that is guaranteed to be waiting on him back at the sea house. Sure, he had The Thing, Lurch, and the children, but life was just dull and miserable without his Love.

“Bubeleh.” She whispered into his ear as she sat in his arms with her arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

“Cara Mia.” He croaked as he felt her breath wriggle into his ear and bore into his brain.

“It’s time.”

“Alright. If you must. Tell her I love her and miss her and that I insist that the next visit is on land.”

“I’ll try. You know she doesn’t like coming up here. People are cruel to her in her human form.”

“I’ll never understand it.” he says shaking his head slightly.

A full minute passed in silence. The ocean breeze blew her hair across his face. The night was coming fast. Gomez even had a moment of hope that maybe he’ll lose a toe to frostbite. Alas, he knew the water wasn’t cold enough.

“My love,” he breathed as he took Morticia’s hand and brought it to his lips without looking.

Morticia’s laugh rang out over the silence when she saw the look of surprise on his face as he realized that he in fact, didn’t have her hand, but a tentacle lifted up to his lips.

An audible POP sounded at the same moment as Gomez disengaged the tentacle from his lips and a huge smile spread across his face. The sound actually seemed to come from the smile breaking the sound barrier.

“DARLING! You are beautiful in your human form but you are RAVISHING in you true form. This is why I jumped from that ship so long ago. I KNEW I must have you as my bride, even if it meant dying to just meet you!” punctuating with swift pokes into the sky.

“You were a lovely shade of blue before we gave you the ability to breathe. Darling, do go with me.”

“I can’t,” he sighed. “I must watch the children.”

“Grandmama,” she started.

“No.” He interrupted. “You should be with your sister. I know you miss her.”

“It pains you to share my love, my love?” She asks as she began sliding down and away from Gomez. Her dress tentacles now real, black, tentacles. She looked exactly the same except for being an octopus from the waist down like her sister.

“Deeply.” He almost wails as he releases her and extends his arms.

Her black curly hair sinks down into the sea losing none of it’s curl or bounce and collected like a belt around her waist. Her tentacles continued to project her backward into the sea, never breaking eye contact with Gomez. “Good.”

Gomez moans. Morticia smiles wider. Gomez’ attention is suddenly wrenched away from her. He is angry suddenly at what would dare take his attention from HER.

In the distance, the exact opposite of Morticia from the waist up appeared off in the distance. White short hair, purple skin, and extra curvy. He knew, though he couldn’t see it, below the waves, she was the same 8 legged creature as his lovely wife.

With great difficulty, not for his sister in-law, but for his departing wife, he drew on a huge smile, “URSULA!”

From a fair distance, but carried on the wind, he heard, “GOMEZ! DEE-LIGHTED AS ALWAYS!”



He looked at Morticia and raised an eyebrow.

“I know. I know. I’ll talk to her. I must go. I’ll be back in two nights. Meet me here.

He reached down and picked up her dress that was floating in the wash. She was a fair distance away but still hadn’t broken eye contact. Her sister was racing up behind her on top of the waves just as Morticia ‘stood’ above the waves. The closer Ursula got, the bigger Morticia’s smile got and the higher Gomez’s eyebrow went.

Just at the moment when a great impact should have occurred, Morticia swung around, threw her arms open and embraced the fast moving Ursula. The last thing Gomez saw and heard that night of his Love was her voice, “SISTER!” and 16 tentacles above the waves as the two giggling women disappeared below the waves.

“Tell her we’re not so bad. She’ll believe you, Cara Mia” Gomez whispered into the clouds slowly making their way towards him.